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1. Nature of Service: Beyond Wish provides a platform for users to articulate their aspirations, fantasies, and wishes. It serves as a conduit for creative expression and exploration of the imagination. However, it is essential to recognize that Beyond Wish does not guarantee the fulfillment of any wishes or desires expressed on the platform.

2. Fictional Content: Users are encouraged to unleash their creativity without limitations. The content on Beyond Wish may include fictional narratives, speculative scenarios, and imaginative constructs. While these creations may evoke emotions and stir the imagination, they do not represent factual claims or promises.

3. No Guarantee of Realization: While Beyond Wish fosters a space for dreaming big, it cannot guarantee the realization of any wishes or desires. The manifestation of aspirations depends on various factors, including practicality, feasibility, and external circumstances beyond the control of Beyond Wish.

4. Psychological Impact: Engaging with Beyond Wish may evoke strong emotions and stimulate introspection. Users are encouraged to approach the content with a discerning mindset and acknowledge the boundary between fantasy and reality. If you find yourself experiencing distress or psychological discomfort, it is advisable to seek support from qualified professionals.

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